April Horoscopes with SW

Hello lovelies,
March came and went, and with its leaving brought us spring! As the days get longer and the weather heats up, we must make sure that our minds, body, and DIAMONDS are refreshed, new, and ready for spring. Take a peek at your April Horoscope, and see which SW piece aligns with your sign this month!
Sara_Weinstock_Fine_Jewelry_Horoscope_AriesAfter a long and rainy (tears included) Pisces season, April is bringing you the opportunity for your talents to flourish with the flowers, Aries. Take time to meditate and recenter your mind to welcome in the warmth of this season. Focus on your ability to sense what others are thinking and say what they may be unable to say. But April isn’t only about growth for you, Aries. It’s your season, and that means it’s time to treat yourself! This month is made for YOU, so amp up your jewelry collection and show the world just how strong you are with the Donna Rose Cut Marquis Necklace. You’ll have every reason to keep your head up and show off this beautiful piece.
Sara_Weinstock_Fine_Jewelry_April_Horoscope_Aries_Donna_Rose_Cut_Marquis_NecklaceSara_Weinstock_Fine_Jewelry_Horoscope_TaurusTaurus, with the start of spring, it’s time for you to do some cleaning, both mentally and physically. Your rhythm of life may not be a bed of roses yet, but with some careful thought and preparation, you’ll be rolling around in the flower beds of Spring. With a clean room, a clean mind, and a clean start, you’ll find a new love for the beauty of sharing. April is ideal for thinking about what you no longer need and what you can share with others, Taurus.  What better way to share something you love with others than giving the gift of diamonds? Find that inner blissful feeling that sharing brings when you give your besties matching Veena Taj Pinky Rings; a little something to always remember the love that your friends bring into your life.
Sara_Weinstock_Fine_Jewelry_Horoscope_GeminiApril is a month of productivity and personal growth, Gemini. You are so many things at once; multifaceted just like the diamonds in the Illusion Emerald Bangle Cuff. Take the time to explore all the intricacies that make up your sparkling personality. You’re on a mission this month, so don’t let anything or anyone get in the way of your growth. Coming to the realization that your thoughts and actions of the past do not have to be a part of your present or future will only show you the bright light that you have within - and of course new diamonds will enhance that sparkle perfectly.
Sara_Weinstock_Fine_Jewelry_Horoscope_CancerCancer, it's time to buy new jewelry, and we’re  not just saying that because we love diamonds. April is going to show you the seductive potential of Cancer, meaning it’s time to get glammed up and tell your crush how you feel, and we promise new diamonds will ease those nerves! Take this opportunity to be more outgoing with the Illusion 2 Row Statement Hoops, which say class, glamour, and sexy all at once.  However, according to the horoscope, others will see that the most stunning moment is when you undress, leaving just you and the diamonds to sparkle.
Sara_Weinstock_Fine_Jewelry_Horoscope_LeoYou are going to feel very bold and artistic in all aspects of your life this month, Leo. April will support not only your creative power but also your emotional power when it comes to your arts and your relationships. In other words, it’s time to show the world the boss lady that you can be. Start by branching out in your personal style with the Isadora Cushion and Marquis Statement Choker. Not only does this piece play into your creative side, but it is guaranteed to make a statement wherever you go.
Sara_Weinstock_Fine_Jewelry_Horoscope_VirgoVirgo, money may not normally be everything to you, but this month you will see an increase of funds, and you SOOO deserve to treat yourself. Throughout April, you will find that you need to overcome your fears and concerns in order to truly change with the season and plant new seeds in your personal garden, and the best place to start is with DIAMONDS, of course. Break out of your comfort zone with the Reverie Couture Shield Ring and show yourself that you not only know your worth, but you also know how to WORK IT all through Spring.
Sara_Weinstock_Fine_Jewelry_Horoscope_LibraApril is the month for you to DO. IT. UP! No one likes being treated like a gem more than you, Libra,  so take this time to indulge. Check your bank accounts, make a budget and TREAT YOURSELF.  From mimosas to vacations to shopping sprees, the first month of Spring will bring you a new sense of self, and a whole new wardrobe. Start off your total Spring upgrade with the Donna Rose Cut Marquis Bolo Bracelet. Not only will this piece match the shining sun and blooming flowers all around you, but it will also amplify your Spring sparkle.
Sara_Weinstock_Fine_Jewelry_Horoscope_ScorpioGrowing up sometimes means all business and no fun, but this April it’s time to bring the fun and humor back into your life, Scorpio. The weather’s heating up and it’s OK to let your booty show a little bit, so to speak. If you can’t remember the last time laughter was your day’s ab workout, that’s a MAJOR problem. Not only will April bring the fun back into your life, Scorpio, it will remind you to think more deeply into how you treat yourself. In the April spirit of fun and self care, treat yourself to some new diamonds, to match your changes with the season. The Dujour 8 Diamond Ear Wire is the perfect balance of fun and sparkle.
Sara_Weinstock_Fine_Jewelry_Horoscope_SagittariusAs the cold winter melts under the welcoming warmth of the Spring, you’ll your heart begin to warm as well, Sagittarius. Just like the budding flowers around you, a new love will be blossoming, and it’s time to let yourself fall. Fall in love with yourself, with the cutie you’ve had your eye on, and the SW piece that’s been in your wishlist for MONTHS. What better way to fall in love than dressed in new diamonds, like the romantic and beautiful Reverie Couture Statement Lariat Necklace. Wear it on a first date or to run errands, because no matter the occasion, you’ll be radiating love.
Sara_Weinstock_Fine_Jewelry_Horoscope_CapricornWatching you work your magic is a thing of beauty, Capricorn. Your drive and commitment always go above and beyond, and this month is the time to push yourself further than ever before. April is all about authenticity for you. Take the time to evaluate what really feels good to you versus what your brain says feels good? While those things can differ, the one thing both you and your brain can both agree on is JEWELRY. In the spirit of authenticity,  the Isadora Floret Partial Ring is not only the perfect piece for your spring spirit, but will also fall into a perfect stack with your favorite rings. This April, your sparkling personality will prosper, and we promise new diamonds will help.
Sara_Weinstock_Fine_Jewelry_Horoscope_AquariusBe courageous this month, Aquarius. The long winter was difficult for everyone, but those rain storms may have showered you a little bit harder than the rest of us. You may have been going through it in March, Aquarius, but April is the time to focus on self-care and the strength that you have within. Show the world the strength and love you have for yourself by wearing it on the outside with the Donna Statement Cuff. Not only does this piece resemble the legendary cuffs worn by Wonder Woman, but they will give you the same power and fortitude that Wonder Woman possesses.
Sara_Weinstock_Fine_Jewelry_Horoscope_PiscesPisces, this month will bring you a sense of ease and comfort that has been long overdue. In April, a warm blanket and a soft bed will give you the feelings of bliss that had vanished in the winter months. Lean into your desire to relax, recharge, and renew yourself for Spring. Treat yourself to some fresh diamonds to match your fresh mindset, with the Reverie 4 Cluster Drop Earrings. With a clear mindset, your financial and professional worries will melt away, leaving you with the opportunity to show yourself (and your jewelry collection) some love.