SW Book of the Month: Elaine Welteroth

Hello Lovelies,

SW jewelry goes beyond making you look beautiful; it aims to make you feel the powerful feminine within.

In the theme of empowering women, we’ve decided to share books that are for women and by women. #ForUsFromUs

It’s important that along our journey in defining our feminine we make it known that we are in it together. Like a cluster of diamonds that hold each other up to create something beautiful, we will build each other up to be the beautiful creations we were made to be. 

With reading together, we’re learning together. 

A woman, to us, who we feel has used that powerful feminine within is Elaine Welteroth. At the age of 32, Welteroth is currently a judge on the new Project Runway and has written an instant New York Times best seller, More Than Enough: Claiming Space for Who You Are (No Matter What They Say).  In this part memoir and part manifesto she tells the story of her journey to making history as the youngest editor-in-chief of Teen Vogue. Welteroth also explains what it means to come into your own on your own terms—a motto SW has always believed.

Welteroth is making moves and we at SW see every shining step!

With the goal to not only inspire, but also to communicate to all of us women that our stories are valid and worthy, we hope Elaine Welteroth reaches so many women.

To make waves like Elaine, we’ve chosen two pieces that every trailblazing kind of woman should have.

Make a statement every time you enter a room.

Hoop there it is! Inspired by the curls of Welteroth’s hair, we thought it fitting to choose dazzling hoops to capture the curving and ever evolving shape of the path Welteroth took into becoming her own. 

SW Book of the Month: Elaine Welteroth


Elaine Welteroth’s book is going to cause a chain reaction in women to go for their dreams and to do it without ever compromising who they uniquely are. To capture that sparkling chain reaction, we’ve chosen the Lucia 3 Link Hoop Earrings. Break every chain and barrier all while dazzling through it all.

SW Book of the Month: Elaine Welteroth



It’s no illusion that the Illusion Emerald and Round Diamond Hoop Earring are a stunning creation, but just like Welteroth it’s made up of different parts to form one beautiful larger-than-life creation. The Illusion Collection features the rare cut in the modern era baguette diamond--rare just like Welteroth.

We go through hoops and bounds to achieve our powerful feminine.   

Stay tuned for nest month's book!

Sara Weinstock

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