SW x DE BEERS | Journey To The ReSet Collective

SW x DE BEERS | Journey To The ReSet Collective

There is a global trend of businesses taking a step back and looking at their environmental and socio-economic footprints to not only do their part, but for the opportunity to do better.

With my brand, using conflict free, responsibly and sustainably sourced diamonds goes without question — which is why in 2019 I was chosen to become part of a special project for De Beers Group, the ReSet Collective. Together with Jade Trau, Jennie Kwon, Julez Bryant and Zoë Chicco, each of these incredible designers with their own story, style and personality, and united by our passion for designing jewelry, a love for natural diamonds and a commitment to sustainable and ethical practices, we were given the opportunity to travel with De Beers Group to see the life of a De Beers Group diamond. 

What I witnessed was nothing short of impressive. The work De Beers Group has done within their facilities and equally within the community was remarkable. It was here that I truly witnessed the power and positive impact that natural diamonds can have on the world. Everywhere you go, people are cared about and their contribution to the diamond chain is so appreciated.

Not only did we get the opportunity to see the positive impact that De Beers Group has had in Botswana, we each created a beautiful one-of-a-kind pendant to commemorate our experience using De Beers Group diamonds for the purpose of being auctioned off for charity. 

I love to travel for inspiration, and going to Botswana was certainly one of those times when I could take a look at the environment, the textures, the animals, the mines, the people; all those things for me were inspirational. On this trip, I was really drawn to the zebra. It is Botswana’s national animal, and the bold and unique stripes on their coats were so fascinating to me. They are all unique in their own way, which reminded me of a diamond. I was given a 30 point polished stone by De Beers Group and decided that it should be the eye of the zebra.

I am a meticulous sketcher. I sketch until I get it right. Once I got the diamonds from De Beers Group, I started to play — and that is when the process really comes to life. You have the concept of the design, you have the diamonds, and then you have the components of how you want to put it all together. 

Knowing the journey by which each piece of this special pendant went through and how much good that has been done, and will continue to be done because of the De Beers Group, is what makes this pendant that much more prized. We cannot wait to witness the positive impact our diamonds are going to continue to make.

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