March Horoscopes with SW

Hello lovelies,
Just like that, we're on to a new month, and a new beginning. As we welcome in Pisces Season, it's important to get our mind, and our DIAMONDS, in check. Take a peek at your March Horoscope, and see which SW piece aligns with your sign this month!

Sara_Weinstock_Fine_Jewelry_Horoscope_PiscesWith your season coming to a close, it’s time for a new you, Pisces. Break out of your comfort zone with the Nappa Round Cushion & Pear Necklace–a piece as fluid and sparkly as you. You’ll suddenly find yourself feeling more confident and direct in how you talk, inspiring you to stand up for what you’re worth. It’s time to get that raise you’ve been working your booty off for, and get yourself some new diamonds.


Sara_Weinstock_Fine_Jewelry_Horoscope_AriesMarch may have you a tad stressed, Aries, and with that it’s important to make sure to get some YOU time. This month is the time to forget being shy and to dream big– look for sunSHINE and good company. Think about buying yourself something functional and sparkly, that won’t break your bank–like the Reverie Round Cluster Ring–because the best thing to do when you’re stressed out is to DRESS OUT (in diamonds, of course). Don’t let the stress get to you, because you will be seeing success at work, and we think diamonds may have something to do with it.

 Sara_Weinstock_Fine_Jewelry_Horoscope_Aries_Reverie_Round_Cluster_RingSara_Weinstock_Fine_Jewelry_Horoscope_TaurusMarch is about to kick your booty, Taurus, but in the best way possible. You’ll be all about stepping outside of your comfort zone and doing what YOU want, in work, relationships, and of course, jewelry. This month is the ideal time for hair makeover–change the color, length, or simply everything! But remember, a change of hair does not change what's hidden underneath, and the Veena Small Hoops are sure to help showoff your sparkly personality. This month is the month to focus on you, from the inside out, and the best place to start is with diamonds.Sara_Weinstock_Fine_Jewelry_Horoscope_Taurus_Veena_Small_HoopsSara_Weinstock_Fine_Jewelry_Horoscope_Gemini

As March begins, all of the work stress you’ve been feeling will begin to disappear, Gemini, & that calls for a vacay and some major DLC–DIAMONDS, love & care. Being a good friend is part of self-care and it’s time to give your BFF (and yourself) some love. Why not upgrade your friendship bracelets with matching Reverie Marquis & Pear Bolos, to celebrate good friends and good March vibes? Your high energy and need for stimuli is as engaging as it can be dangerous, and nothing can keep you centered quite like good company, and even better diamonds.
Sara_Weinstock_Fine_Jewelry_Horoscope_Gemini_Reveri_Marquis_Pear_BoloSara_Weinstock_Fine_Jewelry_Horoscope_CancerThings are flowing for you this month, Cancer, so focus on what fills you up. Surround yourself with positive energy, kind friends, and sparkling diamonds. In March, you will be inspired to expand your knowledge, be fearless and not let others manipulate you. To not get knocked out of your March flow, give yourself the perfect confidence boost with the Dujour Marquis Diamond Necklace, and feel grounded and glamorous throughout the entire month.

Sara_Weinstock_Fine_Jewelry_Horoscope_Cancer_Dujour_Marquis_Diamond_NecklaceSara_Weinstock_Fine_Jewelry_Horoscope_LeoMarch is sending all kinds of little gifts your way, Leo. Suddenly, people will insist on picking up the check at lunch and you’ll score some incredible deals when you go shopping, so why not treat yourself to some MAJOR diamonds, like the Reverie Couture Hoops—fun, versatile, & glamorous. With all the gifts the universe (and SW) are giving you this month, it’s important to take the time to gift yourself—good sleep, quality food, and BEAUTIFUL diamonds. Your action-oriented lifestyle and characteristics make it hard for you to slow down, but diamonds give you the perfect reason to stop and feel the sparkle.Sara_Weinstock_Fine_Jewelry_Horoscope_Leo_Reverie_Couture_HoopsSara_Weinstock_Fine_Jewelry_Horoscope_VirgoYou’re more than ready to mix things up this month, Virgo—hit up a new café, take a new class at the gym, or try out some new diamonds. DIFFERENT = GOOD this March, and the Illusion Emerald Cut Double Ring, is the perfect, unique piece to break your normal trend. With all the newness March is bringing you, take a moment to look at how far you’ve come this year and what dreams you can accomplish next. Take notes—you’ll come up with some solid ideas to make those dreams a diamond-studded reality. 

Sara_Weinstock_Fine_Jewelry_Horoscope_Virgo_Illusion_Emerald_Cut_Double_RingSara_Weinstock_Fine_Jewelry_Horoscope_LibraYou’ve always loved discovering new musical artists and fashion designers, Libra, and March is the time to bring that back and indulge your love of all things artistic—including diamonds. With this flux of creative inspiration, this month will give you a SERIOUS Marie Kondo moment, calling for a closet clean out. As you let go of the items that no longer bring you joy, consider introducing something new to your collection, like the Veena Two Row Bangle. Both SW and Marie Kondo can promise you to feel nothing but JOY from this timeless piece. Use this month to reorganize, recenter, and creatively shine.

Sara_Weinstock_Fine_Jewelry_Horoscope_Libra_Veena_Two_Row_BangleSara_Weinstock_Fine_Jewelry_Horoscope_ScorpioMarch is a super busy month for you, Scorpio, but you’ll be more productive than ever. Follow that urge to put your personal touch into all aspects of your life. Feel free to splurge a little on décor (this means DIAMONDS). You’ll feel and look amazing wearing a piece that’s not only truly you, but coexists with your perfectionist side. Remember, flexibility is key. The Isadora Floret Choker will give you that balance between glamour and adaptable, working with everything that comes your way this month. 

Sara_Weinstock_Fine_Jewelry_Horoscope_Isadora_Floret_ChokerSara_Weinstock_Fine_Jewelry_Horoscope_SagittariusYou’ll find yourself seriously craving a change this month, Sagittarius. It could be as simple as trying a new nail polish color, or as complicated as moving to a new city, but whatever it is, welcome it with open arms. March will put your clothes, visage, and appearance at the forefront, so indulge and add some diamonds to your look with the Donna Pave Drop Earrings. Change is always a bit stressful, so don’t forget to pamper yourself with SW now and again during this time.Sara_Weinstock_Fine_Jewelry_Horoscope_Sagittarius_Donna_Pave_Drop_EarringsSara_Weinstock_Fine_Jewelry_Horoscope_CapricornThis month, Capricorn, you’ll be reminded of the things you love most (for us, and surely you, this includes DIAMONDS) and must let yourself succumb to those things, like the classic Eternity Bangle. Make time to enjoy what matters, but remember there is more to life than just being "happy". In order to maintain a daily sense of deep fulfillment throughout March, find your flow, focus on the things that benefit you, and let your greatness shine.

Sara_Weinstock_Fine_Jewelry_Horoscope_Capricorn_Eternity_BangleSara_Weinstock_Fine_Jewelry_Horoscope_AquariusMarch is bringing you a new sense of togetherness, accomplishment, and stability, Aquarius. Trust your intuition and make sure your needs are met–those needs being new DIAMONDS. Relish in this time of self-balance and listen to the little voice telling you to treat yourself. You’ll also catch a serious travel bug this month, and the Brut Bezel Ring is the perfect travel companion. It’ll be amazing to have something to look forward to—and you SOO deserve a sparkling break.Sara_Weinstock_Fine_Jewelry_Horoscope_Aquarius_Brut_Bezel_Ring


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