May Horoscopes with SW

Hello lovelies,

How is it May already?! It feels like this year is breezing by, and as we enter the full swing of spring, it’s important to take time to reflect on your Aries season and prepare for Taurus season. Grab Taurus season by the horns and let the sensual, steadfast Bull take charge. This month will greet you with ease and instill a great sense of determination in you, so make sure you take advantage of the motivational energies brought on by Taurus season and set yourself up for a sparkling summer. Take a peek at your May Horoscope and see which SW piece aligns with your sign this month!


As we enter your season, Taurus, the universe will be serving you a fresh start on a diamond studded platter. In the words of Rihanna, ‘workworkworkworkwork’, and in the words of SW, ‘sparkle, glitter, and shine’. It’s time to change up your routine and push yourself in your work, relationships, and self-care. Strive for a work-life balance this May, but don’t forget to have fun in the Spring sun and take a break every now and then. With all the hard work you’re putting in, make sure you treat yourself to something new and sparkly! As you change up your routine, change up your accessories too, with the Muna Round Cluster Bolo Bracelet. This beautiful everyday piece will give you the sparkling reminder of how much you’ve accomplished throughout your season.

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This Spring will bring you a garden in full bloom, Gemini, and you must make time to both tend to and lay amongst your May flowers. After months of hard work, crazy schedules, and emotional rollercoasters, this month will give you the sweet fruits of your efforts, showing you that it wasn’t all for nothing. As a reward for yourself, revel in this time of warmth and relaxation. Pack up your favorite sunnies, summer dress, and of course the Adira Ear Crawlers, and take yourself on a weekend getaway. It’s ok to shut off your phone and disconnect - so let yourself do it! May is your month to renew, recharge, and get yourself ready for Summer, and of course, Gemini season.

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When you think of Springtime what do you think of? Hitting the beach or having a mini shopping spree with your girlfriends is what comes to mind for us, and it looks like this month will be full of memory making opportunities with your best friends. This May, you’re all about your friends, Cancer. Just like that old childhood rhyme, ‘one is silver and the other is gold’, you’ll spend time with old friends and meet lots of new, interesting people, too! In the spirit of friendship, get you and your girlies matching Isadora Cali Partial Rings for a classic BFF fun!Sara_Weinstock_Fine_Jewelry_Horoscope_LeoMay and the beginning of summer will be an invigorating time for you, Leo, and it’s important that you harness that energy and break out of your shell. Whether it be taking a vacation, having a GNO with your besties, or going on a date with the cutie from work that you’ve had your eye on, this month you will not only be reminded of how beautiful and amazing you truly are. Those around you will have no choice but to see that too! Let this month show you the best you you can be, though, to be fair, we all still love the first edition you, too. What better way to become that new you and show the world who’s GIRL BOSS, than with the Illusion Emerald and Round Link Statement Necklace?! This piece is not only an absolute showstopper, but it’s the perfect piece to show the world the confidence, power, and beauty that May is bringing you.

Virgo, though the sun’s shining and the flowers are blooming, this month may not greet you with the warmth of spring you have been expecting — the truth is, there are some physical and mental challenges ahead. But don’t get gloomy, for the sunny month of May is the time for major growth, repair, and self-reflection, and sometimes this is just what we need. Take this month to look at each aspect of your life (work, friendships, romantic relationships, and most importantly your relationship with yourself) and move from your stereotypical routine towards the authentic and uncharted terrains of life. Break free from your norm and delve into new experiences, connections, and of course, diamonds! This month, the Veena Oval Two Row Bangle, will be the perfect, sparkling reminder of the light to come at the end of this month, all thanks to your hard work.

Sara_Weinstock_Fine_Jewelry_Horoscope_LibraSpring is the time of rebirth and renewal, and for you Libra, May is when you’ll have the opportunity to rewrite your life story. As a lover of balance, take this month to reevaluate what, and more importantly who, you choose to give your time to, and establish your goals for the summer. Your love of symmetry and balance, though a tricky thing at times, will be your greatest strength this month, so make sure to listen to your instincts, and go with your natural flow. As a reminder of the balance you love so dearly, the Donna Pave Marquis Chandelier Earrings will give you those feelings of harmony and bring you back to equilibrium.

Sara_Weinstock_Fine_Jewelry_Horoscope_ScorpioYou’re the sign of control and confidence, Scorpio, and this month will really show you how much those character traits influence your everyday life. Self-esteem issues? You don’t know her, but that doesn’t mean that you’re completely exempt from caring what other people think of you. This month will bring to light some of your insecurities, but that is OKAY! Take a deep breath, and change nothing, except maybe adding some new diamonds to your collection. You are perfect just the way you are and the Muna Round Cluster Partial Ring, with its zigzag of round diamond clusters will serve as a reminder that no matter how many ups and downs you face, you’ll always get yourself back on track.


Sagittarius, this month LESS is MORE. From love to fashion to work, May is the time for you to reevaluate how much time and effort you’re putting into things and see where you can cut down and redistribute. As Summer approaches, you’ll be confronted with new interests, opportunities, and loves, and to stay in line with your minimalistic mentality, the Reverie Pear Cluster Necklace is the perfect, simple everyday piece for you. Not only can you wear it solo for a subtle touch of sparkle, it will also “pear” perfectly with the rest of your jewelry collection.

You’ve always been frugal with your money, Capricorn, choosing to spend on quality over quantity – something we could all use a lesson in! But this month, give yourself permission to splurge on a little something special, like the Reverie Couture Statement Bracelet. With a piece quality piece like this, you will be exuding luxury as you enter the Summer season. And don’t let the splurging stop there! Whether it be a meal at that fancy restaurant you’ve always wanted to try or an island vacation half way across the world, May is the time for you to shine, and SW is here to get you started.

The M in May stands for mindfulness, and you will find this to be Aquarius. This month, take note of what you chose to talk about and where you give your attention. Are your words benefitting you positively or negatively? Are you putting your attention into things that matter or things that drain you? These are important questions to ask yourself as Summer approaches, because you don’t have the time or space to waste your energy on things that give you nothing in return! This month, spend your time on the good, the happy, and the beautiful, like the Dujour 8 Diamond Ear Wires. With these fun earrings in your ear, you can’t help but feel good, and if you’re feeling good you’re doing good.


Your big personality often precedes you, Pisces, and this month people will have no choice but to pay attention to you, especially in your Brut Tag Ring! It seems like May is a magnetic month for you, so be prepared for all your subtle attractions to suddenly appear right in front of you, and think carefully whether it is worth it for you to go after it all. Discover what lights you up, and follow your heart wherever it takes you.


This month, Aries, you’ll be living your life like its GOLDEN, and we mean that both figuratively and literally. The month of May will bring you immense wealth in your relationships, your possessions, your opportunities, and your diamonds too! As we enter the summer months, your stress about your finances will disappear, so take this opportunity to treat yourself to a little something new, like the Nappa Pear Cushion Necklace. With a piece like that around your neck, there’s no way this season can go wrong for you.


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