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SW x De Beers Earth Day

In celebration of Earth Day, we’re thrilled to shed some more light on the good work of a De Beers Natural Diamond and the impact they have on both the earth and local and global communities so that you can make more informed decisions when it comes to your jewelry.

So, what does ‘sustainability’ mean when it comes to diamonds? Diamonds are Mother Nature's treasures found deep within the earth. As a result, mining diamonds carries with it an ecological footprint. I want to share the impact of The Diamond Route that we witnessed has on the environment. I’m sure you remember The ReSet Collective, a group of five designers including myself, together with a passion for natural diamonds and a commitment to ethical and sustainable practices, who travelled to Botswana to follow the life of a De Beers Diamond. There, we witnessed nothing short of wonder. The communities and systems that were built in these once very poor areas were transformed into communities of education and opportunity. What was also very impressive was the commitment to conservation.

Diamond mines are, unsurprisingly, some of the most secure areas in the world. As a result, the land around these operations creates excellent conservation areas for flora and fauna, including many endangered species.Through the ‘Diamond Route’, the De Beers Group’s dedicated ecology teams to protect 200,000 hectares of land for conservation, making it one of southern Africa’s most extensive and important conservation networks. We were so impressed with what was given back to the earth. The De Beers Group has even made it possible to see their beautiful conservation of wildlife live so that you may observe some of the animals they protect.

Alongside supporting a rich variety of wildlife and protected species, the reserves also host scientific research programs with international universities, educational outreach programs with local schools and tourists to support local economic development. Their hope is that through The Diamond Route, they can ensure that nature’s treasures are protected for future generations, long after the last diamond is mined. Every natural diamond has the potential to make a positive impact and we at Sara Weinstock support that positive impact by only using conflict-free, responsibly sourced and sustainable diamonds -- because we are committed to supporting Mother Nature and all of her natural beauty.




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