Hello Lovelies,

Remember when you sparkled that night? Well we do!

The summer season is coming to an end, but that doesn’t mean we have to leave all those sparkling memories behind. 

It’s been a dazzling--and very hot--summer filled with traveling bliss, playful girl’s nights, romantic dates and of course SW glow. 

Stacking has been the trend all summer long with each layer symbolizing something unique and meaningful to us. From stacking bracelets and rings to layering necklaces, the stackable possibilities are endless. 

The stacking doesn’t have to stop here. Let’s have it trickle into this coming fall!

To have inspiration--and the summer fun--spill over into the new season we thought it would be nice to give our SW girls a few of our favorite looks to later transform for fall--for fall just swap those tanks for oversized blazers and those whites for golds.

Sara Weinstock jewelry comes in three lovely colors of gold making it easy to be worn every season. It’s year around sparkle!

For many summer looks we noticed the mixing of white gold ,yellow gold and rose gold being stacked all together to create sleek cool looks that elevated every summer fit. They made basics look more chic than ever!

Let’s start with the multi bracelets look. We all have a love affair with comfy and cute. Stacking bracelets can make any tee and denim outfit look ready to go for a rooftop brunch or a night on the town. The trick is to mix and match bangles & bolos and diamonds & solids--a trick that can easily be used in fall.

We’ll remember this one for those running out the door moments. It’s a stylish grab-n-go!

Get the look! Shop the Reverie Round Cluster Cuff, Veena Oval 5 Row Bangle  and Reverie Cushion Oval Bangle Cuff to start your stack.

Stackable rings was another fun favorite this season. It elevated the hands and made them elegant for any occasion. Stack rings on any finger or every finger. The best part about this trend is that you can either wear multiple rings individually or have the illusion stacked rings. 

SW statement rings can easily give the illusion, but of course it’s always fun to do the actual stack. We had plenty this season with our pinky rings.

For the illusion shop Purity 2 Pear Diamond Open Ring and Purity 3 Marquis Diamond Ring.


Lastly, layered necklaces has become a popular trend for both male and female. It’s all about playing with lengths. Start with a choker and end with a long length delicate piece. From chains to lariats, layered necklaces add so much shining texture to an outfit. It uplifts any and every top.

For your layers shop Lucia Pave Bar Tag Necklace and Isadora Hexagon Choker.

Stack it like you mean it, ladies! It’s a trend that’s here to stay.


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