Quotes With SW: Ear Crawler Edition

Hello Lovelies,

We know with every new month, there are new challenges and it definitely doesn’t help with summer coming to an end. But SW is here to help guide you through these next 31 days!

We don’t know what happened during the summer months, but we have a feeling there’s something all of us need to let go of and embrace the future that is ahead of us. After all, in the coming months we do get to finally bust out our Fall favorite jewelry staples—hello gold!

So for this month, our quote is about letting go. Letting go of past discomforts, let downs and anything that no longer serves us.  

Our designer Sara Weinstock did just that before realizing the beauty in the gifts of the present and the future.

After all, letting go would lead her to a healing heart and a field of diamond dreams.

“Holding on is believing that there’s only a past; letting go is knowing that there’s a future.”

-Daphne Rose Kingma

Let’s move forward this month, not looking back and having our past dictate nor define the individuals we were made to be.

With every quote to lift our spirits, there’s always some sparkle to sprinkle on to make every month shine just a little extra.

That’s why we’re choosing the Reverie Ear Crawlers as our go-to piece for this month!

To go with your Fall wardrobe, shop our Reverie Ear Crawlers that comes in three colors.


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