There's a New Donna in Town

Hello Lovelies,
There's a new DONNA in town and she's shining in shades of blue and green! This Spring, we've taken your favorite Donna shapes and styles, and added beautiful blue sapphires, emeralds, and revamped pave, because we can always use a touch of color and some extra sparkle. Take a peek at the styles, and shop the Donna Collection
Softly curving lines and exquisite details are the earmarks of the "Donna" collection, whose pieces embody the bold femininity of a woman who dares to make a statement - and now the statement is made even stronger with color! Emeralds, which signify truth and love, and Blue Sapphires, which bring wisdom and insight to the wearer, embody the multiple powers of femininity, making them the perfect addition to the Donna Collection. 

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