Treat Yourself | Because Self-Love is Self-Care

We've all been searching for ways to treat ourselves while stuck at home. Here at SW we believe this holiday is a celebration of not just that of lovers, but for one’s self. True self-love involves showing up for yourself even when you feel unlovable, or undeserving. It involves taking the steps to listen to yourself and identify how to make yourself feel extraordinary, especially in a year that has often made us, or someone else, feel isolated. And what better excuse for justified self-indulgence than Valentine’s Day itself? This is why we launched SW Gems Rewards — a new program designed to reward your purchase. And what better time than in the month known for love and gifts? When you buy a new piece from our website, you can now accumulate points in the form of SW Gem Notes that lead to exclusive perks and gifts. Even though we’re spending nearly every day at home, we have learned that getting up every morning, getting ready and dressing to look our best has made us also feel our best. This epiphany has allowed us to change our connection to you, our customer and we want you to feel like you are always worthy here at SW.

Now there’s no excuse for not showing yourself a little sparkling love from time to time.

Sign up to be an SWGem! This Luxe Rewards Program is designed to give you Gem Notes with every purchase to accumulate and redeem for gifts. When you sign up to be a SWGem now through February 14, we’ll give you 5,000 Gem Notes as a way of spreading the love.

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