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Sara Weinstocck Fine Jewelry. We provide the first thing. We provide the finishing touch. For everyone.We were once a jewel of a dream, 1 designer 1 collection strong and growing. We are now a jewel of a company, 30 collections, international stockist, and a team of 10 strong and growing. We create fine jewelry pieces for women. We are forward in thinking and in design. We look backwards to learn and forward to create. We are unpredictable in the next move. Stable in quality. Consistent in design. We love to laugh and don’t like mean people. We are on the bodies of many famous women. We are on the bodies of many more not so famous women. We believe in we not I. We believe strong females enrich our lives. We believe in enriching the lives of females. We obsess over color, composition, scale, balance, and shape. Sara Weinstock Fine Jewelry believes in giving great service. We are active in the pursuit of perfection. We provide consistently good quality. We deliver consistently on time. We are timeless. We love to travel. We love pets. Art, jewelry, wine and food are our balance. And we do not balance with out these things. We give to our communities. We work with the best merchants and tastemakers. We do retail. In some of the most spectacular of retail environments. We do ecom. For this generation. For the millennial. For the women who scroll and want it now. Or think you should have it now. We love to entertain. We are always entertained. We are traditional. We are non-traditional. We love what we do. We never miss a meal. Ever. We create an environment of mutual respect. We respect our environment. We believe in providing customers with rare design. Rare value. We value our costumers. We are curious about everything. We are stopped by nothing. We are on a mission to make the world a more beautiful place and we invite you to come join us.

sara weinstock


Our dream of having our own store grew out of our commitment to style. And desire to make jewelry shopping a much less stressful experience: for women, men, stylist and industries alike. We wanted a store like no other for Sara Weinstock Fine Jewelry: a signature store that would bear our company culture and our vision of an extraordinary shopping experience inside. We wanted our store to glow with design. To grow and surpass the expectation of retail. To provide an experience that is progressive, engaging and current. To offer a one of a kind option. For a one of a kind you. Years later, our vision remains the same: to share with you our extensive line tastefully presented as collections on a platform accessible to you, wherever you are, whenever you want it. We invite you to explore our store for an experience like no other.

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