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Our Story

Sara Weinstock Fine Jewelry was born from the desire to empower and inspire women to express their own unique style, independence and femininity.

Sara’s deep love and fascination for jewelry began early in life as she marveled through her grandmother’s heirlooms, talismans, and other treasures. Sara understood then the symbolic meaning and expression of fine jewelry and how they make their wearer feel—inspired, powerful, and one of a kind.

Today, Sara weaves storytelling, masterful creativity and craftsmanship into her own designs through life experiences, travels, nature, architecture and fashion. A creative force in the fine jewelry world, Sara’s creative journey has established her as one of the premier jewelry designers of our time.

From her early beginnings selling her first collection in Paris to bejeweling the world’s brightest stars on red carpets around the globe, Sara Weinstock masterfully embodies the journey of the modern day woman and infuses her own life experiences into her exquisite designs—which include classic and romantic to modern and sexy pieces that are timeless in nature.

Further drawing inspiration from the women she meets and surrounds herself with—beautifully complex, soft, tough, raw, dynamic, empowered and feminine—Sara believes to express ourselves freely is what it means to be fully alive.

“We are all different, so are the stones I use. Each one is of the highest quality, multi-faceted and special in its own way – just like women. We are all beautifully unique and rare. My jewelry celebrates the expression of women and the individual light that shines within all of us.”

SW’s jewels are worn and coveted by women from all countries, cultures and backgrounds—so whether it’s a special splurge, celebrating a promotion, memorializing a milestone or other special occasion, or simply for the joy of experiencing something beautiful, we invite you to connect with us and journey through our site as you seek out your own treasure.

– SW


Our History

Our History

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Our Passion

Our Passion

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Our Mission

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